Catherine Omirigbe is the author of the poetry collection, I Spoke with mother. In this interview with Su’eddie Vershima Agema, the fourteen year old SEVHAGE author talks a bit on her background as well as the book which is scheduled for release in the last week of September, 2013. Excerpts:



Briefly, can you give us a background to who you are including family and all…
My name is Catherine Ubeyi Omirigbe. I am from a family of five – I am the last. I am a secondary school student.



Can you say when you started writing?
I started writing when I was in Primary school. I didn’t take it too seriously then though. My serious writing started in my JSS 3.



What inspires you to write?
I can’t say what my prior inspiration was. My mother’s death however put a certain seriousness in me. I wanted to make her proud and show that she still lives on.



Do you have a writing routine or it just comes?
None. I don’t really have a writing routine. I just write as it comes.



You have a book out, a slim collection of poetry; you are published at this young age. What is the experience like? How do you feel?
The experience is good because I have this feeling that from here and on, one day I would become a famous writer. I feel excited because it is a dream cover i spoke to mother _2come true. I am glad that through it, to some level, I have made my family happy and proud of me. To be a published author at my age isn’t easy (laughs).



What expectations do you have for your book?
I expect my book to come out well, organized, interesting, to be the best, serve as a word of encouragement to others and also be the talk of the whole world. Ambitious (laughs). I know.



Do you have any other work in progress?
Sure! I have some other projects I am working on. No word, yet.



How do you make out time to write with your general student schedule, home interference (of course, being a last born, there would be a whole load of people trying to get you to do one thing or the other)…
As a student, I have my personal timetable. I use the timetable to plot out any activity I want to do. As a last born, there’s a distortion sometimes (you can imagine) but I try my best to make out time to do my things including writing.



Do you have any restrictions as a writer?
I don’t really have any particular restrictions except say school and chores. Else, none really.



Do you have any writing role models?
I do. Su’eddie Vershima Agema and Mrs. Maria Ajima.



Any general role model?
My general role model is my mother.



To your collection now, I spoke with mother, what was the whole writing experience like?
At first, it wasn’t easy but to God be the glory for making everything possible. It took some time to get the material together. Like I mentioned, my mother’s death caused the inspiration for the work so you can imagine the emotions that went with putting the words.



Which poem would you say is your best in the collection?
My best poem in I spoke with mother is ‘Mother.’ I can’t really say why it appeals to me. It just does in some way.



What do you hope to achieve with this book?
There’s no general expectation. I simply wrote to express what I felt following my mother’s passage. I leave the rest to time and God. This is simply a stepping stone.



Are we expecting anything else from you soon?
Yes – but not too soon (Laughs).



Where do you see yourself as a writer in the nearest future?
In the nearest future, I see myself writing more, impacting lives in what ways I can and striving to get better each day.



Any parting words?
Life begins and ends. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. It is sometimes unbearable. There is always hope especially if we give life our very best at all times. So, let’s see how it goes.






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