Spotlight: Su’eddie Vershima Agema’s Bring Our Casket Home


Seun Odukoya

For whom this collection sings

he whom our waists and entire thoughts wring

You, who brought so much

through your incredible near divine touch


it is to your elegance

that our inks dance

snaking and stroking in every true cadence


more than these

we offer to please


I first offered my miserly mite

now we offer you this: our entire might!



I mutter ‘here we go again’ under my fresh minty breath. ‘Fresh minty’ because I approach my work with dedication – something similar to the way a surgeon approaches a dissection. It is not a joke – because within the pages are words; words, silent testimonies to someone’s life. A note, a grain of sand, a monument to mark his passing, graffiti; an ‘I was here’ on the wall of time.


And I do not take that lightly.


So I take a…

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