Su'eddie in Life n' Literature

Unoma Azuah…Unoma Azuah… Who the hell is she? Right? Well, she’s one of Nigeria’s finest writers and academics. She got the Hellman/Hammett award, the Urban Spectrum award, the Leonard Trawick award and the Association of Nigerian Authors/NDDC Flora Nwapa award for her debut novel Sky-high Flames. Her short story collection, The Length of Light though not as popular as her novel is a powerful collection where the enigmatic gap between ordinary people and their dreams is dramatized in scenes that reveal severed roots, patriarchal intrusions, socio-economic impositions, inhuman cultural values, and hostility.

Okay, so Unoma Nguemo Azuah has a new book out, Edible Bones(released December 2011) which has already won the Aidoo-Snyder book award. She has been reading everywhere in Nigeria. Something struck me: She kept saying that her aim for publishing the book in Nigeria is to go in sync with ‘charity begins at home.’ What? Home?…

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